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Welcome to the Wiki of the DIGITUS® Support Team!

Here you will find our FAQs and other valuable information about your DIGITUS® product.


Downloads, Drivers, and Manuals

You may use the search function in the upper right corner after having selected the 'Products' tab of our DIGITUS® main page.
If you use the magnifying glass in the upper right corner while using this website you will find (if they are already available) the FAQs of the product you enter.
You can find product numbers of products starting with A- or AB- by using the web shop of the ASSMANN company. If you search for a product, please take care of entering the correct product number.

After a brief quality test we make manuals, compatibility lists, and drivers - as well as other files - available to you in our download section. Usually there is no considerable delay after the tests before you can access the downloadable files. If a particular driver or a manual in a certain language is not listed in the download section, the file is not available yet.

Additional Support

The English versions of our Wiki web sites are currently under construction and we hope you will kindly excuse any inconvenience.

If you cannot fix your problem with the help of these FAQs, please feel free to contact the DIGITUS® support team via email.. Please add in a note of your email a comment stating that the FAQs did not help you solve the problem.

How to use the Search Function

This is the way to search for a part number

Please enter your part number into the search field. Usually part numbers of DIGITUS® products begin with "DA", "DC", or "DN". To give you some examples, the search function supports the following ways of entering product numbers:

Search example with hyphens
Search example with hyphens
Search example without hyphens
Search example without hyphens
  • With hyphens: DN-11004-O
  • Without hyphens: DN11004O
  • Use of lower case letters: dn-11004-o and dn11004o
  • EAN code: 4016032192367
  • EAN code (catalogue) : 192367 (final 6 numbers of full EAN code)

  • Please note that writing search entries in a mixed way (upper case and lower case letters, hyphens used and not used) might cause problems!
    • Example of an incorrect search entry: Dn11004-O or dn-11004O
    • Please check if specific characters of your product number are letters or rather numbers (example: DN-11004-O vs. DN-11004-0)

  • As a first step you should use the site search, please. If your product cannot be found, possible results will be shown in the full-text search.

Of course, we always try our best to optimize the services we offer you and to improve the search functions of our web site in order to get as detailed search results as possible.

Additional Information

Every link of this Wiki support web site is in blue color. However, if there is no text information available about a certain product yet, a link will be shown in red color. The link's color will automatically turn blue if the corresponding text is created.

Windows 7

Do you use our DIGITUS® products with a Windows 7 operating system? Then we would like you to share your experiences with us!
>> Please, use our Windows 7 feedback page!

Operating System compatible?

In this list is the answer:

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